• Annual Report 2014/15

    Celebrating 20 Years of Giving

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  • Welcome

    Message from the Founders

    Tēnā tātou katoa. Greetings to all.

    We are very pleased to share with you our new-look Annual Report for 2014/15. We hope you like this interactive approach and enjoy watching the short film that features some highlights of this, our twentieth-anniversary year.


    Our staff and Trustees take great care to ensure that The Tindall Foundation donations go to worthy organisations across the country. It is thrilling to see the enormous good that these groups do with our financial support. This year we funded 721 organisations across New Zealand, with $10.6 million in donations.


    Over the past 20 years, we are proud to have supported more than 5000 organisations with over $135 million in donations. It is hard to believe that what started out in a tiny office in Takapuna, with one staff member and a steady flow of small funding requests, is today a thriving philanthropic foundation with a team of eight staff and a board of five Trustees.


    To mark this special milestone, we were delighted to recognise five exceptional organisations for their outstanding and tireless work in the community and for our environment. It was a real highlight and privilege to have the Governor-General present the five organisations with awards to acknowledge this contribution at his home, Government House, in Auckland this June.


    You can read the inspirational stories of these organisations below and see what drives and motivates them to give so much to the community. Their passion and care for people and the world around them are infectious.


    We would sincerely like to thank everyone we have worked with over these 20 years for their efforts in making New Zealand a better place. We are indebted to our dedicated, hard-working staff and Trustees, past and present. None of this would have been possible without you.


    Stephen and Margaret Tindall

    Founders – The Tindall Foundation

    Message from the Manager


    Kia ora koutou.

    Welcome to The Tindall Foundation’s very first digital annual report! It is exciting to be launching our new online format this year as we mark the milestone of turning 20. Many organisations in New Zealand and around the world have adopted digital reporting and we are joining them.


    We hope you enjoy reading about the five organisations we have acknowledged with special recognition awards, and learn more about our team, the focus of the Foundation, and how we have donated funds in 2014/15.


    2014/15 was an eventful year for us with many highlights and success stories along the way, such as:

    • Two Youth Connection Jobfest 15 events in Auckland, which attracted over 3000 young people and 100 businesses
    • The launch of the Sunrise and Eastern Bays Community Foundations, and the relaunch of The Northland Community Foundation; funds under management across the 14 Community Foundations now amount to over $50 million, with a further $150 million pledged
    • The 59 groups linked through Reconnecting Northland’s Kiwi Coast programme are now actively managing over 78,000 hectares, from which they have removed over 36,000 pests
    • The continued success of the community garden in Poutasi village on Upolu, Samoa, and the establishment of a second garden on the island of Savai’i
    • The Foundation’s continued support for CanCERN’s work on behalf of the people of Christchurch, along with our partners Todd Foundation and Hugh Green Foundation

    This list shows some of the variety of the Foundation’s ongoing work.


    On the team front, sadly we said farewell to Evelyn Gauntlett after 17 years of invaluable work. We welcomed Genevieve Northey, formerly a grants advisor at Foundation North.


    By adopting a digital approach this year, we hope to make our annual report and the successes of organisations we support accessible to a wide audience anywhere in the world. Please share it with others you feel would be interested or could benefit from reading it.


    Nāku i runga i āku mihi ki a koe. Yours with thanks.


    John McCarthy

    Manager – The Tindall Foundation

  • Key Statistics

    In the last 20 years we have supported more than 5,000 organisations
    Our donations and commitments to New Zealand communities and our environment totals over $145million. In addition, we have paid over $116million to Government in prepaid tax
    In 2014 and 2015 The Tindall Foundation made these major commitments. We gave donations to 721 organisations across New Zealand. Our donations paid to organisations totaled $10.6million
    Our top three programme areas include $5.25million to supporting families and social services (49percent of our total funding), $1.57million to caring for our environment and $1.1million to encouraging employment enterprise
    In total we have given over $1.3million to Canterbury organisations through our Emergency Response Fun
  • Exceptional People

    Meet the extraordinary people behind the five organisations that we honoured with special recognition awards in June during our twentieth-anniversary celebrations at Government House, Auckland. They are standout examples of Kiwi leaders who work tirelessly for the community and the environment.


    Here they talk about what inspires and drives them, who has influenced them, and the challenges they have faced.

  • Samara Nicholas

    Samara Nicholas

    Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust

    "The Experiencing Marine Reserves programme gives kids and their parents the chance to see for themselves the vast beauty and magic of marine reserves. We provide the equipment and expertise, but it’s what they experience under the ocean that ignites their enthusiasm for marine biodiversity and transforms the way they think and feel about protecting marine habitats and ecosystems."

    Brian Donnelly

    Brian Donnelly

    New Zealand Housing Foundation

    "When they get stable housing tenure people’s behaviours usually change and they start contributing more to their community and society as a whole. Realising some of their aspirations provides them with greater confidence and a level of independence for themselves and their children."

    Margaret Jefferies

    Margaret Jefferies

    Project Lyttelton

    "I feel great at the end of the day if I can see that I have made a difference for our community. This is usually in the form of a meaningful conversation that has opened up an opportunity, so that together we have created something that is worthwhile."

    Bill Holland

    Bill Holland

    Acorn Foundation

    "I was frustrated for most of my life with the view  that philanthropy was for the wealthy… I am pleased to see that in recent times attitudes have changed. There is a growing awareness that philanthropy is for everyone and you do not need to be rich to be generous."

    Leanne Dawson & Sue Pattinson

    Leanne Dawson & Sue Pattinson

    SPACE NZ Trust

    "What babies experience and feel, and the nurture they receive or don’t receive, shape the rest of their lives. If we can support and encourage parents, we can inspire change for a different life with better outcomes for babies, parents, families and communities."

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  • Governance

     Find out who is behind The Tindall Foundation


    [L-R] Margaret Tindall, Robbie Tindall, Joan Withers, Stephen Tindall, Jennifer Casey

    We have five Trustees at The Tindall Foundation. Our Trustees are made up of the Foundation’s two founders, Stephen and Margaret Tindall, their son Robbie, and two Trustees independent of the family, Jennifer Casey and Joan Withers, both of whom have successful careers in the commercial sector and have a passion for families and communities.


    Read more about the Trustees here

    The Tindall Foundation team

    [L-R] Genevieve Northey, Dave Richards, Jennifer Reid, Elizabeth Tindall, John McCarthy,
    Anne Tindall, Trevor Gray, Kate Tindall, Martina O'Driscoll


    The Tindall Foundation is a private family foundation that gives to organisations and communities
    throughout Aotearoa New Zealand by way of donations, training, capacity building and research,
    and by partnering with others. We want to see communities grow and prosper so our children's children
    will have the very best chance in life. As a family and as an organisation, we feel very fortunate to be in a
    position that enables us to share with others.


    Read more about our team here

    Key Consultants/Advisers

    Gordon Hosking, Bede Martin, Margot Nicholson, Bruce Russell, Bill King,
    Glen Saunders, Alan Wilcox, Melanie Wilson, Glenn and Sharyn Cant

    Financial Advisers



    RSM Hayes Audit

    Legal Advisers

    Chapman Tripp, Grove Darlow and Partners

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    For all general enquiries please contact The Tindall Foundation

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 33 181
    Auckland 0740
    New Zealand

    Phone: (09) 488 0170
    Fax: (09) 486 2365

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